Our Philosophy 

Head Trainer, Lisa Blackmon's philosophy of training for herself carriers over to her philosophy of training horse and rider.


"As a student of classical training, I feel training of the horse must come in stages that follow the German Scale of Progression. Showing and awards are only the results of a well-trained, happy and confident horse and rider team. All horses in Black Star's training program are treated as top athletes with attention to the horse's diet, health, soundness, conditioning and endurance building." -Lisa Blackmon

Black Star Sport Horses believes that the success of an individual comes best from the support of a strong team. We are committed to being that strong team for our riders, horses and clients of all levels, experience and journeys. 

Training and Lessons

At Black Star we pride ourselves in being able to offer multiple types of opportunities for clients with different backgrounds and different levels of experience. Whether you are just beginning to learn to ride or own your own horse and want to further your education or even evaluate your competition results! 


Just starting or do not own your own horse?

No Problem! Start with a lesson package on one of our trusted schoolmaster horses!  

Looking for the right trainer to take you and your horse to the next level?

Black Star has not only one FEI trainer, but three! This guarantees that we have an approach, personality and schedule that will fit all your needs, and three heads are always better than one! 

Training Opportunities

  • Lesson packages

  • Full training

  • Ship-in lessons

  • Lessons offsite (on a limited basis)

  • Clinics (on a limited basis)